How to Connect a Pressure Washer Hose

by Breean

The words pressure washers and hose go hand in hand. This is because the two products work hand in hand. Before using your pressure washer, the first thing you have to do is connect the machine to your hose. This post explains how to connect a pressure washer hose.

Steps for connecting your pressure washer hose

Below is a definitive guide for connecting a pressure washer hose;

Step 1: Find the necessary pressure washer fittings

The first thing you must do is determine the right fittings for the task. For instance, you need a coupler and adapters. Below are a few things you can do to find the right fittings for connecting your pressure washer hose to your machine;

  • Check the size of the fittings to ensure they fit between the hose and the trigger gun or pump
  • Determine which fittings you need and why
  • Figure out how the fittings work and how you will use them for connecting the hose to your machine
  • What are the available fittings materials and their benefits

It is worth mentioning that most of the time, manufacturers provide all the required fittings for fixing the hose to your pressure washer. However, this is not usually guaranteed. Therefore, if your machine does not come with the components, the solution would be to purchase them.

Step 2: Inspect the pressure washer hose

After gathering the right materials for the task, the next step is to inspect your hose before attaching it to your machine. The point of the inspection is to ensure there are no holes, cuts, or leaks on the hose. It also helps you ensure that the hose is in perfect working condition. You can check for issues with your hose by attaching it to a water tap and turning on the water. If it is broken or has any issues, it should be clear. The inspection process also allows you to detangle the hose before using it.

Step 3: Connecting the hose to the inlet

After the first two steps, you can start the connecting process. First, you have to take one end of the hose and connect it to the machine’s inlet. The other end should be connected to the water supply, like a tap. The next step is using the fittings and the swivels to hold them in place.

Step 4: Connecting the hose to the wand

Next, you can connect the pressure washer hose to the wand. However, before doing this, you should check to ensure that the wand is also in good working condition. Connecting the two elements is as easy as pulling back the wand’s clip and inserting the hose before pulling it back.

Step 5: Connecting the wand to the pressure washer

The last part is connecting the wand to your machine. You can do this by pulling its clip on the opposite end of the hose. After attaching the wand to the machine, you can pull back the clip to hold it in place. With that, your machine is ready for application.


After connecting your pressure washer hose to your machine, you can test to ensure that it works correctly. If it doesn’t work, the solution would be to redo the entire process.

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