What Is the Average Life Expectancy of a Car?

What Is the Average Life Expectancy of a Car?

Have you been wondering what is the average life expectancy of a car? This is a common concern among car owners. There can be several factors that contribute to the life expectancy of your car.

However, no matter what model you drive there are a few specific things that you can use to pinpoint the average life expectancy of your car.

Here is a look at exactly what you should know.

What Is the Average Life Expectancy of a Car?

The average life expectancy of a car is 250,000 miles. However, you probably know of someone or have owned a car that is older than this. It may even function fine except for needing the occasional repair.

Routine maintenance is invaluable to a car and can expand its life expectancy significantly. If your car has more than 200000 miles on it, you can expect to have to make some upgrades shortly.

Are Cars Being Built Stronger?

If you ask anyone who buys junk cars they will likely tell you that cars are lasting longer these days as opposed to those that were built two or three decades ago. This is because mechanical parts are being built stronger and this means that they are lasting longer.

You can expect your car parts that would get damaged quickly in the years prior to withstand more. This is good news especially for those buying a second-hand car.

How Can You Make Your Car Last Longer?

It is really important that you try to make your car last as long as it possibly can. In order to make this happen, it is best to develop a regular maintenance routine.

Regular maintenance will lift your car’s resale value and extend the life of your engine. Whenever you see small problems crop up try your best to fix them as soon as possible. If you hear strange sounds, feel, or see anything odd when you are driving check in with your mechanic immediately.

Make Sure Your Engine Stays Clean

Clean your engine yearly. Dirt and other grime are the enemies of your car’s engine.

You need to have it cleaned to prevent your engine from overheating. You may want to ask your mechanic about having a fuel injector cleaner installed to help to keep dirt and grime out of your engine for as long as possible.

Get Out on the Road

You now know what is the average life expectancy of a car. This means that you can now make an informed decision when you decide to purchase a car and about the maintenance of the car that you currently own.

Try to have your car maintained on a regular basis to keep it in good shape. If you notice a problem bring it to the mechanic immediately to have it diagnosed. The earlier you fix smaller problems the better off you will be.

Remember to clean your car engine at least once per year since dirt and grime can clog up your engine. If you would like more lifestyle tips please visit the travel and home living section of the website.

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