Perfect Finishes For Cardstock Paper

by Breean

Several kinds of paper are there in the market. However, everyone has a clear idea about the types of paper available in the market. But it’s quite obvious that they don’t know the names of the types of paper. A thick paper which is generally thicker than normal writing paper is termed cardstock paper. On the other hand, these kinds of papers have a very thick texture and are more flexible than cardboard or paperboard.

As the title of the article suggests it will briefly depict what cardstock paper is. The upcoming segment of the blog conveys certain characteristics of the cardstock paper.

General Idea About Cardstock Paper

In the above paragraph, the audience can have a precise idea about cardstock paper. Now we are going to elaborate on it in brief. It’s not possible to use cardstock papers in a normal writing copy or book. As the texture of this kind of paper is generally thick. However, cardstock papers are used for postcards, business cards, scrapbooks and so on. This kind of paper weighs 80 to 110 pounds per ream paper. As this kind of paper is thick and doesn’t bend easily, that’s why it has come up as the best choice for business cards. However, people use or carry these cards for a long period and it’s way more stringent than normal paper.

Finishes For Cardstock Paper

This section of the blog will enunciate the textures of the cardstock paper.


Uncoated cardstock papers can absorb ink and don’t have a smooth finish like the coated ones. However, uncoated cardstock papers are generally used in business cards or brochures to provide an elegant and classy look. The uncoated cardstock paper can turn out to be an ideal sheet for writing and printing.


Along with a glossy finish, people can also get cardstock papers with a matte finish. The cardstock papers can be used as decorative manuscripts on special occasions.

High Gloss

Everyone has an idea that normal paper can’t furnish any of the texture by itself as it’s quite transparent. But the cardstock papers can do so. Along with a normal glossy and matte finish, this kind of paper can also provide a high glossy texture. A glossy spray primer can convert normal cardstock papers into glossy one.


Cardstock papers can be considered the most useful papers in present days. Business cards are one of the most essential items to promote oneself in the business world. On the other hand, scrapbooks are also an important ingredient of any kind of artwork for kids. So this proves the importance of cardstock papers currently. To grab this kind of paper one can look at the Alibaba website. It’s an E-commerce platform from which the audience can get different types of products within a minimal price range. So to acquire the cardstock papers or any other kind of items one can opt for Alibaba as an option.

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