Context of the book

Context of the book "Erotic confessions."

This book consists of 72 chapters with different erotic stories. Some stories are covered in 5, and some are covered in 7 or 8 chapters. This book contains erotic tales of temptation and seduction from Singapore to Stockholm, New York to Paris, Sydney to LA, and Malaysia to Manhattan. These can prove to be best for you to read at night. These erotic confessions of people can excite, shock, or make you horny. Let's discuss the book's details and look at chapters one and two to have a better understanding of this book.

Chapter 1

The first confession is about the girl Haley from a small town. People always wanted to take her on dates when she was in school. Scouts had also approached him and given her modeling offers. She said people are interested in her body because of her excellent figure. The statistics of her body are 28" -30" 28". She has red-tinted lips, blonde curly hair, and coral-green eyes. According to her, she always dreamt of living in a big city and attending private parties. She has realized that she wants to be a writer since early 21. She loves to write short stories, novels, and essays. She was attracted to her best friend's ex, but she didn't want to date him because of her friend.

Chapter 2

She finds herself in the taxi drinking vodka. Jenny, who invited her, said the newcomer was high and told her it was customary to drink for the party. She added that she has to enjoy the party like that. She entered the party, and all the rich kids of society were there. The crowd was smoking, hugging, and kissing each other. She grabbed a cocktail and started talking to people. She noticed that someone was seeing her and she asked jenny about him. Jenny told her that he was her roommate's friend. His name was Zac. Zac grabbed him by her arm and pulled her until she was a few centimeters away from his mouth. His scent was driving her dizzy. She tried to escape from him, but he blocked her exit. Zac then whispered in her ear that she was not so tough now. She put her hands on his chest and told him they should restrain because they were drunken. He replied that he liked her even when dating her friend Amy. Suddenly a drunk rogue guy falls on them, and she falls on Zac. He asked her if she was alright. As a paramedic, he applied some techniques, and without asking her if she could walk or not, he carried her in his arms. She was so excited and was feeling the wetness of her pussy. She asked him what he would start doing first. Zac replied and started sucking her toes. He sucked all one by one. He removed his underwear, trouser and the giant cock outside in front of her. To read out more, you can visit the website and enjoy other erotic confessions.