Application and Uses of a Grease Trap

Application and Uses of a Grease Trap

Grease traps have been used for decades due to their efficient working and benefits for businesses. Whether it is a small food restaurant or a large food-related business, grease traps are a must for kitchens. Grease traps basically work by collecting all the grease and residue from the kitchen drainage. Thus, a grease trap with superior plastic grease containment is a must-have for all successful businesses. Through this, it greatly helps in assuring a clean and green environment with the steady flow of sewerage.

Application of a Grease Trap

You will see the application of grease traps to all those locations that prepare or serve food to people. These people could either be their staff members or the general public. Many other businesses also prepare and deliver meals at lunch times to the workers in the organizations. Similarly, there are several others who prepare large quantities of meals on orders for functions or events. For example, restaurants and cafes, schools mess, hospital cafeterias, offices’ kitchens, conference centers, sports venues, and canteens inside factories and takeaways, etc. All of these businesses perform extensive cooking inside their kitchen.

From preparing food to washing plates and pots, sewage is constantly introduced with grease and containments. These types of residues are the main blocking agents in sewage systems. Applying the grease traps in these drainages could help you get rid of the drainage issues. Not only drainage issues, but it also helps in relieving the unwanted stress due to these issues.

Uses of a Grease Trap

In general, grease traps are used for the following purposes:

Reduces FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease)

The application of a grease trap effectively helps in reducing the fats, oils, and greases from the wastewater. When contaminated water from the sink enters the plastic grease trap, it gets filtered here. The solids are accumulated in the removable strainer basket while the FOG (fats, oils, and grease) gets apart from the water. Thus, the clean water flows in the sewage pipes without contaminating them with FOG residue.

Controls pest infestation

When dirty and greasy water flows inside the sewage pipes, there are higher risks of pest infestation. The pests and bacteria that keep on growing inside the pipes also contaminate the nearby areas. Such an infected place also gives rise to lots of health issues and allergies. The use of grease traps at such places helps in controlling pest infestation and all of its related issues.

Prevent Blockages

When you don’t use grease traps in your kitchen drainage system, the solids and grease get stuck into the pipes. When such accumulation gets massive, it leads to creating blockages. As a result, it doesn’t cause you stress but also causes delays in your ability to timely complete the food orders. When the kitchen stops functioning properly, all of the tasks affect that you are performing inside it. Therefore, make sure to use plastic grease traps in your kitchen drainage to prevent blockages.

Prevents the production of foul odors

Due to flowing poor, greasy, and contaminated water, a foul order starts to produce in the pipes. Not only in the pipes, but it also comes out through the air and spread to the whole kitchen. As a result, it becomes impossible to stand and cook in such an infected and four-smelling space. To assure having a clean and healthy environment, must buy and use high-quality plastic grease traps in your kitchen.